• Visage masque

    Pigments poudre de marbre et cire sur bois
    70 x 50 cm

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  • Visage muet

    Pigments poudre de marbre et cire sur bois
    72 x 48.5 cm

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  • Visage gris

    Pigments poudre de marbre et cire sur bois
    72 x 51 cm

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  • Dino campana

    Pigments sur bois
    102 x 94 cm

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  • Visage Vincent

    Pigments poudre de marbre et cire sur bois
    70 x 50 cm

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  • Visage Giovanni

    Pigments poudre de marbre et cire sur bois
    74 x 64 cm

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  • Loup

    Technique mixte sur bois
    62 x 90 cm

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  • Poisson

    Pigments et cire sur toile
    92 x 61 cm

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All my energies have been dedicated to create contemporary art. I believe this form of expression to be of primary importance for the interpretation of our times.

My artistic research is principally addressed to the recovery of a lost memory which finds its origins in the birth of mankind and the first rock paintings.

I use a mixed technique for my works on paper. I create shapes that recall human or vegetable forms,by pressing iron profiles onto the paper,images which are balanced between a mark and a shape, in a constantly precarious role. My painting technique is based on the use of marble dust,wax and pigments. My brush is a blowpipe which makes the pictorial materials penetrate the support,by means of its flame.

My work does not want to show,denounce or describe anything particular-the subject is secondary to the dazzle of an ancestral light.

> Giusto Pilan est né en 1966. Il est diplômé de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Venise en 1989.


2012 – Espace Philomuses, Paris, France
2011 – Spazio Arte Pisanello, Verona, Italy
2010 – Espace Etoile Saint-Honoré,Fondation Charles Oulmont, Paris, France
2009 – Casa Gallo scarpa, Vicenza, Italy
2007 – Galleria Ghelfi, Vicenza, Italia
2005 – Spazio Arte Vicenza, Italy
2005 – Galleria Studio60, Vicenza, Italy
2002 – Gallery F.Lanzenberg, Brussels, Belgium

2016 – The First Xuyuan International Print Biennal, Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, China
2016 – Gaudì Art Gallery, Spain
2015 – Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany
2015 – Quingdao Sculpture Art Museum, China
2014 – Galerie Studio60, Vicenza, Italy
2013 – Galerie Synthese, Bruxelles, Belgique
2013 – Veleni-gift, Centro civico oltrisarco, Bolzano, Italy
2011 – Saint-Hilaire, Roiffe, France
2009 – Espace Philomuses, Paris, France
2009 – IX Biennale Internazionale per l’incisione, Acqui terme, Italy
2008 – The Islington contemporary art&design fair, London, England
2008 – 5th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Częstochowa, Poland
2007 – Galleria Obraz, Milano, Italia
2002 – International Fair of Contemporary Art, Bari, Italy
2002 – St’Art, Strasbourg, France
2000 – Univercity of Brussels, Belgium
1999 – Centre d’art contemporain Albert Chanot, Clamart, France
1997 – Centre d’Art Contemporain, Luxemburg
1994 – Galleria Targa, Paris, France
1993 – Galleria Friedrichshainer Kunstallee,Berlin,Germany
1991 – Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa,76° group exhibition, Venice, Italy
1987 – Universitatsmuseum, Marburg, Germany